Your Assessment 
    To begin, your first appointment will be an Assessment in which you will be asked a series of questions and discuss what you want to

    achieve from therapy or counseling. During your Assessment, you will set goals that you want to achieve. An Assessment is a longer

    than a counseling session. Assessments are scheduled during day time hours only. They are two hour blocks, the first hour you spend

    with your therapist and the second hour your therapist will evaluate the information gathered and develop a treatment plan to help

    you achieve your goals.  Then your sessions thereafter will be regular scheduled  weekly appointments to fit your availability.

    Individual Counseling 
    Individual counseling provides an opportunity for you to openly talk about your thoughts and concerns in a private environment.

    Individual counseling is a direct, active, and personal approach that focuses on increasing your individual self-awareness,

    understanding, and adjustment. You are able to identify the most effective ways to achieve your desired goals, as well as provide you

    with the tools to cope with difficult circumstances that may arise along the way. Together we work on your concerns or issues.

    Couples Counseling

    Couples counseling is beneficial to those interested in improving their relationships. We have experience working with a diverse

    range of couples from various racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identity, and spiritual backgrounds. Couples can be married or

    dating. Your weekly sessions may change according to your needs in that you may sometimes be seen individually or together. 

    Group Therapy

    Group Therapy is a powerful venue for growth and change. It allows individuals the opportunity to learn with and from others that

    have the same problems. In addition, working in a group offers lower counseling fees. We offer many different Groups. However,

    when there are requests from several clients made with the same issues, a group will be formed. Often an Individual Assessment is

    required prior to joining a Group.

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