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                  Our  Professionals



  Our team of Psychologists, Mental Health Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, and Nurse Practitioner create a  

  supportive environment where you can explore your emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit your full

  potential of mental health healing and growth and  have your medical needs treated. We take an open minded

  approach to your wellness and consider your work life, family traditions, cultural and spiritual beliefs, and sexual


  We provide a relaxed and encouraging environment where we listen and you are heard and accepted.  As

  behavioral healthcare professionals, we take the time to help you build a foundation that utilize your strengths

  and help you address areas that are creating difficulty in your life, so you can move forward.

  Many times we have potential clients call our office who  are frustrated, depressed, stressed out, feeling anxious,

  non-accepted. mis=understood, angry, confused, or which are abused physically, sexually, or mentally that  just

  need somebody to talk to that is non threatening  and we will be able to help them.  Additionally, you will be able

  to have your medical needs met as well, with physicals, lab work, med evaluations and pharmacological treatment.

  After clients meet with our professionals and understand the counseling process they are relieved that they do not

  have to be perfect,that we all have challenges in life, and they are not alone.